September in the Senior Classroom

Roald Dahl’s writing featured in much of our learning in English during the month of September. Throughout the month, we studied passages from Roald Dahl books and completed comprehension, grammar and vocabulary work based on them. On 13th September the senior classroom celebrated Roald Dahl Day. All of our learning activities were based around his writing. We read passages from some of his books and wrote recounts of our favourite chapters from his stories. We designed our own drink cartons, advertising a new exciting drink based on characters from the books. After lunch the sun came out so we took our learning outside with a Roald Dahl maths challenge where we had to find and answer word problems.

We had great fun using bee-bots (programmable robots) to further develop our understanding of maths topics and spelling rules. We used our problem solving skills and computational thinking to program our bee-bot to follow directional movements to complete activities. We also used lego to complete science and engineering projects. Our favourite was the cooling fan. We worked in groups to design and make a fan that would cool down the classroom on a hot day. We then programmed the fan to rotate at different speeds using our tablets. One group even added sound to their fan as it rotated!

In Geography 3rd and 4th class learned the provinces and counties of Ireland. We learned the Counties of Ireland poem to help us remember all 32 counties and which province they are in. We played games and quizzes on the tablets and whiteboard and took turns completing a jig-saw of the map of Ireland. It was a lot harder than it looked. We had to remember where each county was!

In art, our theme for the month was portraits. We completed out self portraits in a variety of styles. We also studied Evie Hone in religion and designed our own Stain glassed windows based on her work.