September and October in the Junior Room

September and October have been a lovely two months into the Junior classroom as we welcomed our six new Junior Infants to our school and classroom.

We’ve read lots of stories such as The Kissing Hand, Harry and the Dinosaur and Dinosaur starts school, about starting school and settling in and used these books to make dinosaurs in art and develop our oral language skills through talk and discussion. Our children in 1st and 2nd classes delved deeper and used ICT to research dinosaurs and create mini projects in pairs.We read the book¬† Elmer and talked a lot about us all being different and yet all friends and used this book to create beautiful artwork, design our own colourful elephants in Junior Infants and write book reviews in 1st and 2nd class.

We’ve engaged in lots of play during Aistear and been developing our fine motor skills while mark making, colouring, cutting, threading, pegging and had lots of fun singing, dancing, playing and have started to learn our letter sounds and write them in Junior Infants, and all the while been learning lots about listening, sharing and being part of our classroom and school community.

In first and second class we’ve been learning about climate change and how we grow and change in SESE. Our whole classroom brought in baby bits and we all did a show and tell which was great fun. We had fun learning about 2D shape and completed 2D shape trails and abstract art creations as an extension of our learning. We’ve been working on narrative writing in 2nd class and are almost ready to publish our stories ‘ The little fish in the scary sea’. We wrote book reviews in 1st class.

There has been lots more going on but this is just a snippet of the learning and fun we’ve been having!!