May in the Senior Room

We have been learning about calendars and timetables this month in Maths. We also explored how long a minute is. We predicted how many skips and hops we could do in a minute and how many pegs we could put on a piece of string in a minute. We tried to beat our own score. The children noted that sometimes a minute can feel long if we are finding the activity difficult or short if it is an activity we are good at.

Ocaidí Speisialta was our theme in Irish this month. Our classroom was transformed into an airport. We made our own passports and boarding passes as gaeilge and set up a check in desk for our role plays.

3rd and 4th class started reading Kensukes Kingdom after Easter while 6th class began Private Peaceful. Both novels are written by Michael Morpurgo. The children are enjoying reading both books and can’t wait to find out what happens next! This month, we also celebrated National Poetry Day. We wrote acrostic poems based on the theme of summer!

There has been great excitement around Feevagh NS in recent weeks as we have started rehearsing our school play which will take place in June. We have been busy learning our lines and songs and  the senior room have started working on dance moves to perform with the songs.  Performance date to be announced soon!