October in the Senior Room

October has been another busy, fun filled month in the senior classroom with lots of learning along the way.

We have been playing our tin-whistle each week and our tunes are sounding great! We learned 3 new tunes this month ‘London Bridge’, ‘This Old Man’ and ‘Fainne Geal an Lae. We have also created lots of artwork based on the themes of Autumn and Halloween!

We learned all about Australia in Geography. We researched and put together our own projects on Australia and in groups we made a Kahoot quiz using ICT to give the other members of the class to test their knowledge on Australia! In History, we have been exploring World War 1. We made anti-war posters and wrote a letter a soldier might have written to their loved one at home while they were fighting in the war.

In Science, we have been having fun with forces this month! We explored different types of forces and carried our investigations to demonstrate the force of gravity, pulling, pushing and air resistance. Our favourites were the bottle blast, egg drop and how strong is an eggshell?

In PE, we have been improving our football skills with our trainer John each week. On the last week before mid-term, we were delighted to attend an orienteering day in Mote Park organised by John. This was great fun and some of our 5th class students were on the winning teams!