November in the Senior Room

In English, we have been looking at the genre of persuasive writing which links in with the advertisements we are doing in SPHE. The teachers received some very persuasive letters trying to convince them that homework is not necessary in primary school! We have also been learning about features of story-telling and have been creating our own oral stories and putting the skills of good story-tellers into action by telling our stories to the rest of the class both individually and also in groups. We had great fun bringing these stories to life by acting them out! We are loving our new cosy colourful reading area. We enjoy reading our library books and novels in this area. 5th class are enjoying reading the ‘Boy in the Striped Pajamas’ and linking it with what they have been learning about World War 2 in history while 3rd and 4th have been reading Adams Starling which focuses on the theme of friendship.

In History, 5th class have been learning about the Second World War. To share their learning with the rest of the class, students each created their own Kahoot quiz to test the rest of the classes knowledge. They came up with some very good questions! 3rd and 4th have been learning about the Egyptians. Students worked together to create their own picture book of what they have learned. In Geography, we have been investigating Fairtrade and made lemonade from Fairtrade products! (yum!) We explored the life of a cocoa farmer and watched a video of cocoa being harvested.In Science this month, we have been looking at solids, liquids and gases and identifying them in our everyday lives. We also explored how they can be changed from one state to another.

We have also been busy learning new tunes on our tin-whistle. We treated our parents, grandparents and school community to a performance of ‘Amazing Grace’ at our start of year School Mass. We have also begun practising our Christmas carols for our upcoming Parish Carol Service on 15th December in Tisrara Church.

In SPHE, we have been having great fun with our advertisement project. We have all invented our own chocolate bars which we look forward to making in December. We examined different newspaper/magazine, radio and tv advertisements and identified the features of the most persuasive ones. We then used this information to get creative and make our own newspaper and radio advertisements for our chocolate bar. We look forward to continuing with this project in December!

Have a look at our November Activities blog post to see our whole school learning activities including our Science Week event among many more celebrations and visits!