November Activities

We have had a very busy November!

In the afternoon of the 8th November we had a visit from Ruth from the Road Safety Authority, who refreshed our memories on the importance of being safe on the road and in our cars. We all took home our Seat Belt Sheriff Certificates amongst other RSA goodies.To round off the day we had fun with tongue twisters in both English and Gaeilge to celebrate International Tongue Twister Day.

On 13th November we celebrated World Kindness Day. To mark the day we held a school assembly during which we discussed random acts of kindness and the importance of kindness in creating a nice school environment. We created a collage of all our hand prints. We each picked a name of a fellow pupil and became their secret kind friend and did lots of random acts of kindness for them during the day. We set up our ‘kindness Tree’ and throughout the day wrote little kind notes on paper leaves about each other and added them to our tree. Our senior children wrote persuasive texts about being kind. ‘Kindness, it costs nothing, but means everything’.

We have started Tag Rugby Training with Michael Glennon. We have been having great fun learning new Rugby skills.

On Friday 29th November, we had a very exciting visit from Séan from Western Fire. Séán talked to us about the different types of fire extinguishers and their uses. One of our infants practiced a ‘Stop, drop and roll’ with Séan while wrapped in a fire blanket. We talked about fire dangers. Then we all headed outside and put our theory into practice, putting out fires with extinguishers Séan talked to us about, It was lovely to chat with Séan and learn all about his job too.

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