January in the Senior Classroom

In Geography, we researched different countries and engaged in project work. Third and Fourth investigated Poland while fifth class looked at the USA. In History, Third and Fourth class explored Life in Norman Ireland. They worked together to build a fantastic model of a Medieval Motte and Bailey castle. Fifth class examined Greek Myths including Pandoras Box, Theseus and the Minotaur and the story of Icarus. Each student summarised their favourite myth into a picture book using book creator.

In Science, we investigated environmentally friendly cleaning products and worked together to make our own Green floor cleaner, all-purpose cleaner and bathroom cleaner. In addition, we held whole school workshops on the topics of engineering and magnets.

We created many art pieces based on the theme of line and shape. We used fabric and fibre materials to design out own individual circus scene and also a snake in the grass. We drew a colourful countryside scene as well. We also celebrated Grandparents Day on 30th January as part of Catholic Schools Week and had some more of our beautiful artwork on display for our prayer service. We constructed St. Brigid’s crosses in anticipation of St. Brigid’s day on the first of February and they are now on display in our homes. We also took part in the Texaco Art Competition and created entries based on the theme of inspiration!

We began our ceili dancing lessons with Rita which were a huge hit with all classes! We have learned many dances and the senior students treated our visitors on Grandparents Day to a performance of the Siege of Carrick! We are looking forward to continuing these sessions over the next couple of weeks.