Green Schools November Update

Thank you to our students, parents and grandparents for supporting Team Hope’s Christmas Shoe Box Appeal again this year and also the St. Vincent De Paul’s Christmas Food Appeal. We collected a total of 29 shoe boxes. Children in Eastern Europe and Africa will be very happy to receive these wonderful gifts this Christmas! Well done to our very generous Christmas elves who collected a huge box of food for people in need this Christmas.

On 8th November, we took advantage of the beautiful winter day and ‘put our garden to bed’ for the winter with a big garden clean up and all the while working as a team building skills, listening to music, observing and investigating our natural surroundings.

On November 22nd we learned about Fairtrade. The younger children watched ‘Freddie and Floras Quest for Fairness’ and a video about the story of bananas. The older children looked at a case study of a cocoa farmer in Ghana and watched a video of cocoa being harvested. We identified the Fairtrade logo made lemonade using Fairtrade products. It was delicious (yum)!

On November 26th, we had a visit from Suzanne Dempsey the Environmental Education Officer from Roscommon County Council. Suzanne helped us brush up on our recycling knowledge and refresh our memories on what items can be recycled and which have to go into our waste bins, where our recycling goes after we put it into our blue bins and the importance of recycling. We learned about the different types of plastics and were surprised to learn that plastic milk cartons are recycled into polyester fabric. We were also amazed that it takes the same amount of energy to melt down 20 recycled cans and make them into new cans than it does to make one new can from scratch! Suzanne gave us lots of recycling information and goodies including pencils made from recycled paper, newspaper, denim and money!