February in the Senior Classroom

In geography this month, we completed a project about Germany. Thank you to our new students from Germany who taught us lots of interesting information about Germany, showed us many landmarks and explained to us what they were. In science, we have been engaging in whole school workshops for the month of March based on the theme of planets and space. We learned all about the solar system and in groups we completed a project on a planet and presented it to the rest of the school. We also created a 3D display of the solar system using papier mache to make our planets. This was great fun! In history we have been learning about homes through the ages. This linked in with our exploration of homelessness and organisations that help the homeless in SPHE. We had a visit from a volunteer from Concern who spoke to us about the work Concern do to help communities in Asia, Africa and the Carribean.

We learned about Lent and made lots of delicious pancakes on Pancake Tuesday. We attended mass for Ash Wednesday in Ballyforan Church. We also researched St. Valentine and created our own Kadinsky Heart art pieces. In English, we have started two new novels – Private Peaceful and War Horse. We have been giving and receiving directions in oral language. In the run-up to the general election we learned all about the election process and made our own election posters and manifestos! The students had some very interesting promises!

This month, we also welcomed back John our football coach and began our weekly football sessions again for the remainder of the school year. In music, we learned two modern songs ‘Dance Monkey’ and ‘Better When I’m Dancing’. On February 8th, we celebrated Safer Internet Day. We explored how we can stay safe on the internet and created our own digital footprints showing how we use the internet for different things.