February in the Junior Room

The Junior Room were exploring the different ways people help us throughout the month of February. Our Aistear area was transformed into a Doctor’s Surgery as we explored the different equipment used by doctors and nurses. The children enjoyed dressing up in the different uniforms acting in role as a receptionist, nurse, doctor or patient.

Length was explored in maths. The children were busy measuring the classroom and around the school. The children measured their height using wool and created a class beanstalk to compare their height. Léigh muid Seán agus an Gas Pónaire as Gaeilge agus rinne múid dráma chun dul leis.

After learning about 3D shapes, the children constructed shapes using matchsticks and marshmallows. A ‘3D Hunt’ was conducted around the school ground to see how many shapes we could find. We examined the power of wind and discussed some advantages and disadvantages of wind. The children studied windmills and wind turbines in Geography, designed and created their own windmills in Art and finally investigated the effect wind had on different materials in Science.

Procedural writing was our focus for February and the children made delicious fairy bread. The children listened to an interview with a dentist and wrote the procedure for brushing their teeth properly.

After learning about the different jobs in our community and the many ways people can help us, the children thought about what they might like to be when they grow up. It looks like we will be well looked after when the Junior Room grows up!