Active Schools Update – Move More in March

Our aim was to move more this March. We launched our Active Walkway around our school and began the Daily Mile. The children will be given the opportunity to run, walk or jog every day around our Active Walkway for 15 minutes. This is a non-competitive running initiative which is supported by Athletics Ireland. The main aim is that the children have fun and improve their fitness whilst running in the fresh air. Brain Breaks are used as a transition between lessons and also to increase our fitness whilst indoors. Activities range from lively and energetic dance videos to calming and relaxing yoga poses.

Our Playground Leaders have been busy organising activities for lunch time. The Playground Leaders choose a skill to teach and develop each week. Active Homework has begun for all class levels. Children are encouraged to be as active as they can outside of school. Our Active School committee conducted a survey on ‘What Club Are You In?’ to highlight the many activities available in our local community. Planning has also commenced for our Active School Week which will take place from 7th – 10th May. What a busy few weeks we have ahead!